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Mr Mark Aizengendler


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Highly respected and very loved by all family, including Sara, Roman, Ella, Lidia, Boris.

Will be dearly missed and remembered fondly.

Family and friends of Mark are invited to attend his Funeral Service on FRIDAY, August 12, 2022 at 1:00pm in the Main Chapel of Berry's Funeral Home, 204 Magill Road, Norwood.

Please enter the Chapel car park via Prosser Avenue.

Mark's Funeral Service can be live-streamed at this webpage (and viewed following its conclusion) on FRIDAY, August 12, 2022 from 12:45pm for 1:00pm commencement. Please check the audio settings of your device.

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"Марик, пусть путь домой будет лёгким! Труднее тем кто остаётся....и много сил тем , кто остаётся!Мы тебя любим!"
Kofman Svetlana
12th Aug 2022

"I'm lucky to have a few pieces of Mark's sublime artwork that I dearly cherish. He is gifted, truly, and his creations always strike a chord of dark whimsy inside me, reflective of his impeccable taste in literature, art and ways of thinking. A quietly unique and influential man who will be very very missed.
Sending all my love to you, Ella, Rom, Sara, Liidia and Boris.
Vale, Mark.
Love Charlotte xxxxxxx"
12th Aug 2022

"The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Mark is kindness. He was always kind to everyone and to me as well. He was the one who always found a proper word to cheer you up when you felt hurt, the one who would always help with no matter what: lend you some money (and this is a bid deal when you are a student) or help with the thesis. He was my older friend who I could always rely on. And he was very witty as well, I still remember his hilarious stories that he was telling me on the train from Tartu where we both lived to our hometown Pskov where we both used to go often to see our mothers.
What I also remember is one of his last drawings I saw on the net: a small man running towards the horizon.
Thank you for everything, my dear friend. I will always remember you and your kindness.
My sincere condolences to Mark's family."
Tatiana Feldberg
11th Aug 2022

"אני לא יכולה לבטא במילים את הצער שאני מרגישה. אני לגמרה חסרת מילים ועדיין בהכחשה על החדשות אלה. איזה אדם מדהים היה בן דוד שלי מארק. שאלוהים יעזור להתמודד עם האובדן הזה. המוות הפתאומי זעזע אותי לחלוטין. יהיה זכרו ברוך. משתתפת בצער של משפחה ובוכה עתם. מטפללת על שלום אמא סימה."
Люба Израиль
11th Aug 2022

"I was very, very sorry to hear of the passing of Mark. I remember meeting him 30 years ago as newcomers to Australia, where he quickly became a cherished family friend. Mark was exceptionally clever with extraordinary talents across the sciences, engineering, painting and art. But above all, Mark was a kind honest man with a good sense of humour, and I was lucky to known him. My deepest sympathies and love are with Serahima Mihailovna, Roman, Ella."
Irina Nesterov
11th Aug 2022

"After three decades of precious friendship with Marik (Mark) all I remember is his endless kindness and his gentle spirit, his wit and creativity expressed through words and drawings with a touch of surrealism, the way his camera lens always picked faces disguised in the texture of trees and the magic in the banal; his warm letters complete with delightful illustrations and his unforgettable storytelling.
While saddened by the loss my heart is overflowing with affection and gratitude for having known you, Mark.
Anna Medvedeva"
Anna Medvedeva
10th Aug 2022

"Mark was a very good friend of mine for more than 40 years, since the undergraduate days at Tartu University (Estonia) and through the PhD studies when we were neighbors at the dorm and the close colleagues at the spectroscopy lab. Besides being a very talented scientist and engineer (and I know many physicists and engineers who looked up to him), Mark was an extraordinary human being in general - with a great variety of interests and knowledge in Arts and Film, Music and Literature. He has tried himself in many of these fields and it was always a great pleasure and surprise to follow his unorthodox angle and vision. Mark always knew what he wanted from life at each moment and usually knew where to look for it and how to get there. And in this vision he was completely free and independent from common opinions.
Mark was greatly loved by many people who reside now on several continents and feel devastated by this loss. My sincere condolences to Sara, Roman, Ella and the whole family."
Gene Malkin
09th Aug 2022

"Уже второй раз открываю ссылку, хочу что то написать о Марике но не получается.
Он был лучше всех слов которые я могу написать…"
08th Aug 2022

"Mark was a great engineer and a good friend. His efforts were indispensable to our work. I am very sad to hear of his passing."
Joe Kurtz
07th Aug 2022

"Mark was a wonderful friend to my late husband Dmitri and myself for over 30 years. I remember him as a sophisticated man - a mathematician, physicist, programmer, artist, food and wine connoisseur. I am grateful for having so many happy memories with him and of him.
Sending my deepest sympathy to Mark’s family."
Oksana Feklistova
07th Aug 2022

"Shocked and with sadness I learnt of the passing of Dr Mark Aizengendler. Mark has worked with me on some projects over recent years, and I really liked his gentle, kind and unassuming nature. Mark’s knowhow in optoelectronics was stunning; he knew the physics behind optical spectroscopy so well and was superbly capable to engineer and produce electronic hard and software better than anyone else I know. Mark was sometimes not fully appreciated by everybody for his extraordinary talent since he was too humble to “sell himself”. In 2015 I met Mark’s PhD supervisor, Professor Ilmo Sildos, at the University of Tartu in Estonia where Mark got his PhD in 1992. Professor Sildos lit up when I mentioned to him that Mark worked at UNSW Canberra and he proudly showed me the CCD camera Mark built during his time in Tartu. I will miss Mark and will remember him as a very kind and gentle person and as a superb scientist/engineer.
My thoughts and sympathy are with his family and friends."
Hans Riesen
07th Aug 2022

"I was very saddened to hear of Mark's passing. He was a wonderful person and very talented scientist and I will miss him. My sincere condolences to his family."
Sean O'Byrne
05th Aug 2022