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From smaller intimate services to state Funerals, we are fully equipped to cater to your family’s wishes, and help make your entire experience as seamless as possible.

Our Chapels

Accommodating both large and small groups, our Main Chapel and smaller Sanctuary Chapel are nestled beside our tranquil outdoor Memorial Garden, with our custom Memorial Wall providing a peaceful place to reflect on your loved one’s life. Both Chapels have in-built AV systems, which can be used to live broadcast the service. Our car park has space for up to 50 cars.

Our lounges

You are welcome to use our two lounge areas after the service, offering refreshments and licensed bar facilities.

Our consulting rooms

Our private consulting rooms (including our heritage-listed Archibald House named after our founder Charles Archibald Berry) provide a comfortable and relaxed space to make arrangements.

Our mortuary

Along with our on-site mortuary, our trained practitioners also offer embalming to prepare the deceased for viewing, or transferring overseas. We adhere to the most stringent standards set by the Australian and British Institutes of Embalmers.

We welcome you to contact us and arrange an appointment at our tranquil Adelaide Funeral Home.

"Our Norwood Funeral Home is highly regarded by Adelaide families, who have relied on our personalised service and support for over 85 years."