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Miss Alison Julia Walton "Julia"


Miss Alison Julia Walton "Julia"


26.6.1949 - 5.8.2022

Daughter of John and Jean Walton (both deceased).

Sister of Chris Walton and sister-in-law of Sue.

Aunt of Rosie Schriever and Philip Walton.

Great-Aunt of Heidi, Benjamin and Jasper.

Family and friends of Julia are invited to attend her Funeral Service on THURSDAY, August 11, 2022 at 1:00pm in Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 88 North Terrace, Adelaide.

In lieu of flowers, an online donation in memory of Julia may be made to Scripture Union SA via www.susa.org.au

Julia's Funeral Service can be live-streamed at this webpage (and viewed following its conclusion) on THURSDAY, August 11, 2022 at 1:00pm via the link below:


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"Miss Walton was a creative, passionate and caring educator. Our Seymour year level, in recent days, have shared the the impact she had on us. The overwhelming sentiment was her care for each girl as an individual, and for each as a whole person. We commented on her dedication, enthusiasm, patience and occassional pedentry!
She gave long, detailed and concidered comments on essays. While having high expectations, she was encouraging and supportive. She always had 'time'. Miss Waton ran a lunch time 'Phonics Club', teaching singing in different languages. Personally, my fondest memories are of her, with her guitar, teaching us German drinking songs. 'Mein hut, der hat drei ecken... Bier her, bier her, order ich fall um, juhne!' She had a wry sence of humour, and was at times a little scary.
She was a unique, inspiring and impactful teacher, and a wonderful servant of the Lord. 'Well done good and faithful servant!...Come share in your master's hapiness.' Matthew 25:23"
Adrienne Janes (nee Lowe - Seymour '81)
11th Aug 2022

"Fond memories from our time together at University of Tasmania 1967-1970, living at Jane Franklin Hall. Studying English French and German together with Robyn, we giggled over conversations conducted in three languages at once. however, unlike you two, I could not play guitar or sing, but I cherish those times.
Vale 'Julie".
Hobart , Tasmania."
Jennifer Croxton, nee Crawford
11th Aug 2022

"Miss Walton taught me English throughout high school at Seymour and I have many memories of her. English was one of my favourite subjects, perhaps due to being an only child and therefore spending a lot of time reading. As a teacher, I remember Miss Walton was motivating and organised. I always remember how she used to get our work back to us with feedback really quickly, often the next day, and it made me think at the time, how she must really care to stay up so late in the evenings marking all our work so we could learn from our progress while the essay was still fresh in our mind. I remember her kindness, her calmness, her strength and at times her dry sense of humour. I also remember her encouragement and genuine joy in seeing her students blossom. Miss Walton was a wonderful teacher and I will never forget her."
Marikka Frances (nee Bockmann)
11th Aug 2022

"A long and beautiful friendship since teaching me French in High school. A faithful follower of Christ and an amazing example of how to be a disciple. Julia has had a huge impact on many. I will miss our chats."
11th Aug 2022

"Julia and I first met at Launceston Matriculation College in1965 where we shared classes in English and German and sang "a capella" and in the senior choir and in both years our school won the eisteddfod in both sections. We went on to University in Hobart and both completed BADipED degrees 1967-1970.
I was married at the end of 1970 and Julia was my chief bridesmaid. We have kept in touch ever since, meeting up in London, Melbourne and Adelaide.
Julia was an honest, direct, highly organised friend. She was fun to be with and over the past 4 decades I have seen her growing Christian faith and in her efforts to give me some direction on this subject, she was patient and long-suffering and we exchanged lengthy emails and phone calls on many subjects. I will miss her very much; her forthright approach to problems and her ability to get to the core of an issue were inspirational.
Go forth to your new home blithe spirit with my blessing and love. Mavis"
Mavis Clifford
11th Aug 2022

"So many happy memories of times with Julia. Being Godmother to my son Richard Francesco James Charlton was a relationship we treasured"
Fiona Wilson
11th Aug 2022

"Dear Julia, I am so thankful for your faithful, enduring friendship - from when I met you in Adelaide in 1975, when I was in Australia doing a year's work placement- to just weeks before your death. We prayed you into the Kingdom- not that our help was needed! We are sad for you and your family, who she loved so much, but we are thankful that it seems you had a 'good death'- ready to go when you did and in the wonderful care of a hospice. Indeed, you are 'safe in the arms of Jesus'. Thank you for the example of your life and the courage as you faced your death. May you Rest in Peace- and rise in Glory."
10th Aug 2022

"A friend from Primary School in Kenya, Julie (as we knew her) & I have kept in touch ever since. She was usually top of the class, kind and a loyal friend and I have no doubt she was an excellent teacher. She came to visit us once after we moved to Scotland and we have exchanged many lengthy emails ever since, discussing a huge range of topics. Julie was always interested in others, offered useful comments on topics of discussion and was very insightful. I have admired her courage and positive attitude over the past few years and have found her to be inspirational with her profound faith. I will miss our email chats, her thoughts and comments but will always be grateful for our longstanding friendship."
Sue Campbell (nee Norman)
09th Aug 2022

"Miss Walton was my Year 11 English teacher (1979). I was sad to hear of her passing. I am also a teacher, at own end career stages; personal reflections on teachers of influence, always lead me to Miss Walton. Miss Walton made English "come alive"! She was also an amazingly nice and lovely person and teacher. Miss Walton was passionate in her subject area of English and I would just listen to her every word; "hang off" her wonderful descriptions and explanations. She created an imagery in what we were reading and studying; her enthusiasm livened the connections I personally experienced with literature. Miss Walton boosted my confidence - she sent me to read aloud in other classes my essay on "The Grapes of Wrath". I only hope that in turn too, I can provide such inspiration to my students. Miss Walton has, no doubt, left an amazing legacy; I am truly blessed to have had such a wonderful teacher; thoughtful, caring and passionate."
Kate Frost (nee Betheras)
08th Aug 2022