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A private FAMILY-ONLY Funeral Service will be held on SATURDAY, 22 January, 2022 at 1.00pm.
The Service will be live-streamed, and also available to view following its conclusion, on this webpage (link to come).

In lieu of flowers, donations to The Salvation Army, a cause supported by Mee Yoke and Bernard:

Dr Ling's Funeral Service can be livestreamed at 12:45pm for a 1:00pm commencement on Saturday, 22nd of January, 2022 and viewed after it's conclusion.

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"You have left us far too soon dear Mee Yoke. I will miss you and everything you brought to the relationships you had. Not many can parallel your good heart and good nature. You will never be forgotten and will always be missed. With much love, Marianne xx"
Marianne Chi
23rd Jan 2022

"So thankful to have met Dr Mee Yoke through her care of my grandparents. She made a lasting impression with her friendly, joyful nature and her thoughtfulness and encouragement. She went above and beyond in her care for her patients. Condolences to all her family at this time of great loss."
Louise Wabnitz
23rd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard & Willow,
Thinking of you both so often. Wishing you all the love and support you need in life.
Much love
Ruby, Anisha, Bev & Neil"
Neil Pahuja
23rd Jan 2022

"Dearest Mee Yoke,
I will miss your beautiful and warm smile. You were such a breath of fresh air. May you Rest In Peace Beautiful Girl.
My deepest and heart felt condolences to Bernard, Willow, Ling and Chong Families.
Chrissy xo"
Chrissy Psevdos
23rd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke,

We miss you, your infectious laugh, and your positivity towards everything. We feel privileged to have known you and your beautiful family. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and a wonderful class representative that has brought so many families together.

Wendy, Juliette and Milo"
Wendy, Juliette and Milo
23rd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow, the Ling and Ching family’s.
Mee Yoke was such a bubbly person, a foodie and a wonderful teacher to medical students and GP to so many patients. Our deepest condolences to you all for the unexpected loss. Sending you 💕 and prayers.
Eng, Lilian and the Ooi’s"
Eng Ooi
23rd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow & members of the Ling and Chong families,
Mee Yoke has enriched the lives of everyone she has met. We celebrate her life and achievements, and will always have her in our thoughts.
William, Feng, Kelly & Lachlan Tam"
William Tam
22nd Jan 2022

"May the peace of God that transcends all understanding during this very difficult time of the sad loss of Mee Yoke be with Bernard, Willow and the Ling Families.
With deepest sympathy"
Lai Wah and Michael Wong
22nd Jan 2022

"Condolences to the Ling Family, Willow and Bernard.
I knew Mee Yoke at Norwood High.
She was always light years ahead in wisdom, interpersonal skills and so humble about her high marks. I loved her infectious laugh
Nice to hear of her many achievements in today's service
Bon voyage Mee Yoke, RIP
Your friend Sheils"
Sheila Sharma
22nd Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to the Chong and Ling families. We are saddened to hear of Mee Yoke's early passing. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all during this time of grief. We pray that the God of all comfort, the precious memories you have of Mee Yoke and the hope found in John 11:25 and 1 Thess 4:13-18 bring some comfort during this difficult time."
Ben & Hwee Ling Tee
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke,

May you Rest In Peace.

An Angel taken too soon. Thank you for your friendship, you are always so caring and welcoming. I will always remember that time you made us feel so welcome & invited us to join your table at Hahndorf Inn when we bumped into you & Bernie.

Your legend will continue to grown on all the people you have touched.

My deepest condolences to Bernie, Willow and your extended family. With all the love & care from Bernie and your family, I am sure Willow will grow into an amazing young woman.

We will miss your big smile.

Viv and Matt
22nd January 2021"
Vivian and Matthew Kibble
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernie, Willow and Families,
We were so saddened to hear of Mee Yoke's sudden passing. She was a beautiful lady and will be very missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all
Kat, Craig and Oliver"
Kathryn Cooper
22nd Jan 2022

"Reflecting on our time together. This is a musical and photographic addition to the words that I have posted earlier for you Mee Yoke.

Khoi Bui
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow,
Words are hard to find, we are so sad and will miss Mee Yoke’s beautiful smile and positive attitude towards life around Saints Girls. It just won’t be the same without her. Our thoughts are with you both and we are here if you need. Love from Michael, Jo, Eliza and Sophia"
Jo Curry
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke,
You were my best friend at school and Uni. I am sorry that life circumstances separated us and that we could not catch up in time. It was a terrible shock to learn of your passing.
I take comfort to know that you have a beautiful family and that you lived life to the fullest, surrounded by beautiful people.
My memory of you will always be that of kindness, gentleness, intelligent and unpretentious. I still keep all your gifts to me from school & Uni.
RIP my very dear friend and my condolences to Bernard and Willow."
Khoi Bui
22nd Jan 2022

"Dearest Mee Yoke,
We are so shocked and saddened at your sudden passing. Our "ladies dinner" group will now be one lady short but we hope you will be with us in spirit. To Bernard and Willow, she always spoke of you both with such pride and love and we are so very sorry for this great loss in your lives. Till we meet again Mee Yoke, I will try to celebrate life in the way you did every day. I'll miss your big hugs!"
Sharon and Tom Kent
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke.
Your kind friendship to me means so much. I can not imagine not knowing you. You have been a lovely influence in my life. I wish you could have stayed on Earth longer. I will miss our happy lunches together. In Heaven, prayers and love to you to the Moon and back. Bernard, Willow and Mee Ching are in my prayers. With love, your friend, Yen May."
Yen May
22nd Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke was such a kind, caring, warm, thoughtful person, always full of enthusiasm and wiling to help. We will forever cherish the time we had together and she will be greatly missed by all.
Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Bernard, Willow, the Ling & the Chong family."
Soke-Hwei Foo, Roland, Michael & Kevin Ling
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke
We feel so blessed to have met and had you in our lives. Only minutes before we learnt of your death, we were planning a post-covid cruising holiday of which we hoped you, Bernard and Willow would join us. I hope we can still take the trip and do justice to your memory and keep your spirit alive.
You will be forever in our hearts.
Anton, Mon and Charlize xx"
Anton Chapman-Smith
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke
You were one of our newest friends, but from the moment we met, we knew you, Bernard and Willow were keepers. We all loved food, Pokemon go and socialising - what more could you ask for? You were one of those friends who you felt like you'd known for a lifetime and you soon became part of our inner circle. In the past 3 years we've had some of the best times together and you've also helped us through some of our darkest times. You were truly an angel walking among us.
"Only the good die young" never have song lyrics rung so true. Life on earth will not be the same, now heaven has you. With your beautiful smile, cheerful disposition and kind and generous nature, I'm sure by now you've already been promoted to high angel, and befriended my mum and other loved ones, including baby Jess.
Thankyou for being part of our lives. We will never forget you.
Love from Mon, Anton & Charlize xx"
Monique Chilver
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow, the Chong and Ling families, our deepest condolences and prayers for Mee Yoke. We are so saddened at the loss of such a beautiful soul. Take solace knowing Mee Yoke is in heaven and gracing you with her love and care always. God bless and love to you all.
Pina, Jim, and Georgia Eliades"
Pina and Jim Eliades
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke
We never had a chance to say thank you to you for your kindness to Cheryl many years ago. Thank you for being a big sister to Cheryl when she needed someone.
To Bernard and Willow
Please accept our deepest condolences . May you be comforted by the fact that Mee Yoke is with Jesus,.
Love from Aunty Jenny and Uncle Shin"
Jenny and Shin Toh
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow,
So very sad, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mee Yoke was one of the kindest, caring, embracing and most beautiful souls we have had the privilege to know in life. She will be greatly missed.
Best Wishes, Romuald and Kirsty Czechowicz"
Romuald and Kirsty Czechowicz
22nd Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke was such a compassionate, caring colleague and friend- she went above and beyond for others everyday. Her laughter and vibrant nature will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences go out to Bernard, Willow and your extended family. ♥️ May she Rest In Peace x"
Aparna Lockie
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Moke,
Your friendship made every difference to our lives, and I’ll always remember how caring you were when I was adjusting to new life in a different state and when I was so naive in my first pregnancy. You were always there.
Wherever you are, we will meet again some day and rekindle the laughter and chats. I’ll bring some wine.
Love to Bernard and Willow,
Leona, Mark, Brendan and Elliot"
Leona Yip
22nd Jan 2022

"To Bernard and Willow.,
Kelly and I would like to convey our deep condolences for the deep and profound loss of Mee Yoke. We know Mee Yoke from the youth group days in Kent town. She was a wonderful sister unassuming and always ready to help and support anyone needing help. We are shocked by her sudden loss.
Deep condolences from Chris and Kelly Yap"
Chris and Kelly
22nd Jan 2022

"Dearest Moke,
You entered my life at a time when I needed you most and we have shared the most precious times. From hiking, to board games, eating and talking I feel truly blessed to have had you in our lives. You are kind, compassionate, encouraging and vibrant. I miss you dearly, and still can't believe we won't get to talk about our holiday dreams, with a pot of peppermint tea, a plate of churros over a game of Catan again. Thank you for being a little bit of sunshine in my life.

Dear Willow and Bernard,
I hope you know that we are here for you during this very difficult time. Willow if you every need an extra Aunty to play a board game with or ride a bike and share happy stories of your mother I am always here. Bernard you and Willow will always have a special place in our hearts, if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out.
With Love Richard, Sally, Lucas, Samuel & Aria xx"
Sally Marotti
22nd Jan 2022

""Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are helping."
Dearest Mee Yoke / Moke
I am still numb with shock and grief, as we remember your friendship and care as our beloved GP in Melbourne for nearly a decade. Your care through 4 pregnancies in 7 years, and a myriad of family medical needs. There were so many visits to Dr Mee Yoke, that our friendship grew beyond patient/doctor. I watched you finally become a Mum with so much joy in my heart for you and Bernard - your beloved Willow. Even after you relocated to SA, you continued to love and care for us. Always willing to give medical advice and help. In Melbourne's first lockdown, a basket of fruit arrives to cheer us up. At the end of lockdown - beautiful flowers arrive to celebrate freedom. Those gifts spoke to your true nature - thoughtful, kind, and generous to a fault. An example for everyone lucky enough to have known and loved you.
With our deepest condolences and love to Bernard and Willow and your family."
Georgia Denisenko, Michael Westaway, Harry, Charlotte, Clancy and Archie
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow and families,
Sending our love and prayers to you all. Moke has been a wonderful friend for over 30 years. I will miss her wisdom and wit, her enthusiasm for life, and her love and care for others, especially her family. I have loved studying with her, partying with her, dining out with her, working with her and celebrating life with her, especially her wedding to her perfect match, Bernard, and the arrival of your beautiful daughter Willow.
Her strong faith in God has been a great encouragement for me in my life. I am looking forward to our reunion in Heaven.
With love,
Rebecca Carter and family."
Rebecca Carter
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow,
we are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of your beloved wife and mother, Mee Yoke.
Our deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and both of Ling and Chong’s families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this extremely sad and difficult time.
Miss you and Rest in Peace, Mee Yoke. 🙏
Love from:
Aunty Lean Hor and Uncle Yim Khoeun xx💐"
Lean Hor So
22nd Jan 2022

"Words can not express our sorrow at your passing, Mee Yoke. Like a shooting star, you brightened our lives with so much joy, laughter and delights! Safe travels, my dearest friend. We will miss you…."
Jane Zhang, Ted Mah, Sarah and Jessica
22nd Jan 2022

"Dearest Bernard and Willow
Our deepest love, thoughts and prayers are with you. We are so honoured to have known Mee Yoke and will treasure the wonderful memories of her smiling face, enthusiasm and kindness in our hearts. All our love, David, Cynthia, Hunter and Charlotte Di Blasio xxx"
Cynthia and David Di Blasio
22nd Jan 2022

"Dearest Moke
I still hear your laughter and feel your delight. You made my world a better place, as you did for so many others. I will miss you, your food photos, your kindness, generosity of spirit, and the joy you brought with you everywhere. I can’t begin to imagine how Bernard and Willow, Mee Ching, Chris and Helen, your brother and all your family must be feeling. My thoughts are with them, and with you, wherever you may be. With love, Klara"
Klara Major
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke

Our prayers are with you. Thank you for your love, patience, friendship and advice ever since we were young. We miss your smiles and laughter. We are thinking of you and Bernard, Willow and the whole family. You will always be in our hearts.

Until we meet again in Heaven, rest well our friend.

Joseph, Phuong, Christopher and Timothy Ng"
Joseph, Phuong, Christopher and Timothy Ng
22nd Jan 2022

"Dearest Bernard, Willow, Meng, Chinpo, Caleb, Caitlyn and family,

We are very sorry to hear about the loss of Mee Yoke. We pass on our thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this very sad time.

Stephen and I both remember our chats with Mee Yoke at school. She was a truly genuine, friendly and caring person and we will forever cherish our moments with her.

We will always remember Mee Yoke and keep her in our prayers.

Take care,
Sonia and Stephen Balasis"
Stephen and Sonia Balasis
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke
Your bright, loving and generous personality will be very sorely missed by so many people. You will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to your family.
Love, Clare"
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke,

Fond memories of you as a tutor in Uni, fellow mother in our mothers group, and good friend.

Will miss your ever present smile and generosity.

Deepest condolences to the loved family you left behind.

The other Chong’s"
Karine, Kit, Alexandra and Arianna
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke,
I will miss your bright smile and positivity at work and school pick up. You always saw the positive side of things and made each individual feel better about themselves. Thank you for helping us make friends when we were new to the St Peter's Girls community. You were always very thoughtful about others.
Our love and thoughts to the whole family at your tremendous loss.
Love Karyn, Andrew, Lauren and Elise xx"
Karyn, Andrew, Lauren and Elise Fuller
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow. We are so sorry for the loss of your wonderful wife and mother. She was so giving of her time, and had such a presence at school. We will miss her so much. May God give gig comfort and peace."
Passant, Hannah and Maged
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow and family,
Holding you close to our hearts during this time. Mee Yoke was a beautiful person who gave so much of herself to others. She was such a vibrant, caring, interesting person, and we really appreicated the special times we spent with her. We pray that you will find comfort and peace knowing that she is in the loving presence of our precious Lord and Saviour. It is wonderful to know we will see her again one day. We look forward that time when we can celebrate, all together again.
With love,
Prash and Michelle Sanders"
Prash and Michelle Sanders
22nd Jan 2022

"Our sincere condolences to Bernard, Willow and family. Mee Yoke's legacy continues through you. She would be so proud of all of you today. Always fondly remembered. We thank God for a life well lived, although too short. Though we don't understand now, we rest in the knowledge that Mee Yoke is with her heavenly father. Joined with mum and dad and we will meet again. The Jaques family."
Marianne Jaques
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow and the rest of the family,
Mokey will certainly be missed. We will always remember her joy and all the fun she brought to our lives. She will forever live on in our hearts. Comforted to know that she is with her beloved parents preparing to welcome all of us to heaven when it is our turn! What a wonderful life she had - we are so grateful to have been her friend. Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you all. In God's love,
Andrew, Chooi Yean, Julia and Nick Wong"
Andrew Wong
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow, the Chong & Ling families.
We were saddened to hear of your loss. Mee Yoke was always welcoming when we got to catch up, which we will sorely miss. Please accept our deepest condolences. Rest In Peace Mee Yoke.
Alyssa, Hannah, Lloyd and San"
San Toh
22nd Jan 2022

"There’s no perfect word to describe MeeYoke. We will always remember her for her kindness, generosity and mostly her down-to-earth personality. Thank you MeeYoke for reminding us to always be inclusive and for your dedication to friendship. Thank you for reminding us the joy of card games again!!! You will always be in our heart.
Our deepest condolence to Bernard and Willow!

Chee, Debbie, Thomas, Alexandra and Jonathan"
Debbie Hsieh
22nd Jan 2022

"The amazing woman we were blessed to know and love never goes away for she lives in our hearts."
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow, Chong and Ling Families

My family and I are truly sorry on the loss of Mee Yoke. We will always remember her as an incredibly intelligent, generous and truly good person who treated everyone with much kindness and gentleness. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. May Mee Yoke rest in eternal peace.

Deepest condolences,
Ian & Fong Family"
Ian Fong
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow,
Our thoughts and best wishes are with you during this time of grief.
Mee Yoke's contribution to our workplace and as a valued colleague is immeasurable. Such a positive, engaging and vivacious colleague we have not known, she made us all better.
May her amazing spirit and enduring memory live on with you forever, as it will for us.
Rest in Peace Mee Yoke"
Jesse and the SA Health team
22nd Jan 2022

"Since finding out the news of Mee York's passing, I've been trying to find the right words to say here. Truthfully, I'm not sure there are any words that would do justice to pay tribute to such an incredible human being.
I've been a patient of Mee Yoke's since 2016. She was the first doctor to finally take me seriously and do all of the work to help me find a diagnosis and the right treatment for my health issues.
Really though she did so much more than that. She went so far above and beyond the call of duty and had a profoundly positive impact on my life, and the lives of thousands of others.
I can't even begin to fathom how incredibly difficult this time must be for her family and friends, particularly Bernard and Willow. I can only hope that with time you will find peace. I know you already know for yourselves, but I hope you know truly grateful that I, and likely thousands have others are to have had our lives touched by Mee Yoke's beautiful spirit.
Sending you all so much love."
Mabel Violet Paige
22nd Jan 2022

"My deepest sympathies and condolences to Bernard and Willow. Mee-Yoke was an inspiration to many of us. I feel honoured for having known her and will always treasure my memories of her. She will be missed by everyone who has known her"
Shane Gill
22nd Jan 2022

"We would like to convey our condolences to the entire Ling family. Kelly and I have fond and loving memories of Mei Yoke in the Kent Town youth group days. We will always remember her as loving, kind, caring an affirming sister in Christ. Love Chris and Kelly Yap"
Chris and Kelly Yap
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow,
Our deepest condolences to you and your families. Mee Yoke was one of the most lovely, caring and reliable people I have had the privilege to know and call my friend. I am going to truly miss her - may her soul rest in peace. Vidya Limaye and family"
Vidya Limaye
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Moke, rest in peace. Bernard, John, Ming and Mee Cheng and family, thinking of you at such a difficult time."
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke. It is hard to express the sense of loss I feel. You have been so kind and joyfully it was always pleasure to have your presence. I will miss you greatly. Condolences for everyone left behind. Nir."
Nir Nachmani Major
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow,
Our deepest condolences on the loss of Mee Yoke. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
For the last decade Mee Yoke has been a shiny light in our group. Always welcoming , always enthusiastic, always thoughtful, always kind and generous.
I miss you dearly, my friend. Rest in peace
Shilpa Barona and family"
Shilpa Barona
22nd Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke was a wonderful GP, colleague, teacher and friend. Our thoughts are with Bernard and Willow"
Carol Lawson
22nd Jan 2022

"Condolences to Bernard, Willow and family. Mee Yoke was a wonderful person and have great memories of her. Our thoughts and wishes are with the family. Salena, Stefan and Olivia."
Salena Ward
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke. We are going to miss your kind and generous presence. You have helped me in my career and studies since 1994, when you and Minh Le Cong so generously volunteered your time and skills to organize so many clinical examinations sessions for for my year 3 medical student group. You have so selflessly imparted skills and knowledge I still use today, and for which my university mates and I will forever be indebted, as I am sure would your countless patients, colleagues and friends. Our condolences and love to Willow, Bernard, John, Daphne, Anthony, Ashleigh, ChinPo, Meng, Mee Yoke, the Chong family."
Martin, Monica, Georgia and Zoe Tan
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke , Bernard and Willow,
our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow and the Ling family.
Your love and friendship, kind and vibrant personality will forever live in our hearts. We miss you so so much my friend. Rest in peace.
Stephanie Vuong and family."
Stephanie Vuong
22nd Jan 2022

"Thinking of you, Bernard, Willow and your extended family, and surrounding you with our love and prayers.
Through our sadness and tears with the loss of our dear friend Moke, we look to the rainbow that was her infectious smile and laugh, her incredible generosity of spirit and her genuine care and love for those around her. May we remember your example, Moke, and be the cherished friend to others that you have been to us.
Jodie Dodd, Greg, Grace & Hannah Beaumont xx"
Jodie Dodd
22nd Jan 2022

"With Deepest sympathies from The Koon Family …..When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God walks with us through this darkness. May his Spirit comfort and sustain you Bernard, Willow and the Chong Family and show You his light n life. RIP our dear dear Mok. Will miss you Especially from Uncle Tony n Auntie Alice. ❤️"
Anthony Koon n Alice Koon
22nd Jan 2022

"Auntie Fong and myself are very sad over your loss of Mee Yoke. We have known her from the age of 4 years as a smart , beautiful and pleasant girl. Please accept our deepest condolences.
Uncle and Auntie Fong"
To: Bernard, Willow and the Ling and Chong Family
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow, the Chong & Ling families, we are missing Mee Yoke , we have seen her growing up as a child, that just seems like yesterday. Our heart, thoughts and prayers are with you. May our Lord's love, peace and hope be upon all of you, and may He gives you strength to pass through this difficult time, and be with you always."
Lian and Wai Cheong Chan
22nd Jan 2022

"To Bernard, Willow, the Chong and the Ling families,
We are thinking of you after the loss of Mee Yoke who was to us, and I’m sure to everyone, such a genuinely lovely soul. May she Rest In Peace and may her beautiful memory and spirit be in our hearts forever. 💐"
Chris, Monika, Tim and Natasha Moy
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke
The messages here are such a beautiful and heart-warming tribute to you, loved and cherished by so many. Your passing has brought us sincere sadness but our memories are filled with your genuine warmth and bright smiles. Thank you for your friendship, kindness and generosity. For the laughs and lovely long chats about our adored girls. Thank you for your wonderful support and making us feel truly cared for and safe. Thank you for just being you Mee Yoke. 🌺"
Vicki, Rachel and Emily
22nd Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, John and Daphne, Meng and Chin-Po and Mee Ching, I am so sorry. These recent years have been tough for each of you. Thank you for holding on, standing strong and together as a family. And today as we gather to give thanks for Mee Yoke's life, you will make her proud and we will remember the many treasured times together.
Holding you before the Father in love and prayer.
David and Wendy Radford"
Wendy Radford
21st Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke befriended me into the AACC church and youth group with her warm and caring nature. Over the years, she welcomed me into her family homes in Adelaide, Melbourne and Malaysia. There is so much to love about Moke - her down to earth nature, authenticity, loyalty, generosity, sage advice, cheeky laugh, willingness to help others and faith in Jesus. I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing and lament the busyness of life in recent years.
Our love and prayers are with Bernard, Willow and the Ling and Chong Families who have lost a very special person in their lives. May God’s arms hold and comfort you.
With love,"
Lisa, Bryan, Lily and Daniel
21st Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow, the Chong and the Ling families,
My thoughts and love are with you all. May you feel the love and strength of those around you today and always.
With love, Kat Clark"
Kat Clark
21st Jan 2022

"My deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to Bernard, Willow, John, Mee Ching, Meng and the extended Chong and Ling families. Mee Yoke was always a beacon of joy and friendship to all she came in contact with. Her enthusiasm and love for life was infectious and she always gave her all in everything she did. Mokey, you will be sorely missed but the sadness is eased knowing that you are now rejoicing in heaven."
Tim Cheng
21st Jan 2022

"Dearest Moke
Thank you for the privilege of your friendship. You were truly an amazing person and friend, a ray of sunshine and true for the last 30 years that I've known you. I wish we had 30 more years but we know this goodbye is only temporary.
Bernard, Willow and the rest of the Chong and Ling families, you are all very much in our thoughts and prayers during this time.
Daniel, Jacinta and Wesley Chan."
Daniel Chan
21st Jan 2022

"Dearest Mokee,
I am so grateful to have grown up with you, you were like an older sister to me. I will miss your sense of humour and cheekiness, the way you took care of me growing up and the way you always supported me unconditionally. You really were a ray of sunshine to those around you.
My thoughts are with Bernard, Williow and the Ling and Chong family."
Joy Ng
21st Jan 2022

"On behalf of Rosa Maiolo we extend our sympathy to all the family such sad news about someone so young Rosa always spoke highly of her may she RIP forever in God’s care 🙏🙏🙏"
Cathy Maiolo
21st Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard, Willow, the Chong and Ling families. Our deepest condolences on your loss. Words alone are not enough to express how we feel but the dark clouds and rain mirrors the tears, pain, and sadness in our hearts. Heaven must be missing an angel for her to be taken so soon and unexpectedly. Her brilliance was only tempered by her humility, generosity and gentleness. We will truly miss her infectious smile and laughter. Our thoughts and prayers are with you."
Yehudi, Aichi, Caitlyn, Zachary & Trisha Yeo
21st Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to Bernard and Willow, John and Daphne, Mee Ching, Meng and Chin Po, Auntie Helen and Uncle Chow Pang. May God’s peace be of special comfort to you all at this sad time. May Mee Yoke’s faith in Him and love for you all give you strength.
Love and prayers,
Margaret and Julian Foong"
Margaret and Julian Foong
21st Jan 2022

"We are still in shock and disbelief that Mee Yoke is no longer around and we will not be able to see her cheery self, cute laughter and her caring nature as our GP. I am ever so grateful to her for coming over to see me personally and breaking the bad news to me. But, she did it so gently and I would have been totally lost without her guide.

Thank you Mee Yoke!"
Margie Tan and Joseph Leong
21st Jan 2022

"We got to know Mee Yoke through our friendship with John and Mee Ching back in Uni days. She was a bright, kind, compassionate soul who was always willing to give practical help and was also a wellspring of sage advice We were extremely saddened to hear of her untimely passing but we know she is resting in peace with the Lord.
You are all very much in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time and we send our deepest sympathy and love to Bernard, Willow, Mee Ching John, Meng and their families.
The Jesudasons"
Amanda Jesudason
21st Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and beautiful Willow,
My deepest sympathies to you. Mee Yoke was so kind and warm . She had a beautiful, bright smile. I am so sad that our 1994 medical group has lost such a genuinely wonderful person. She will be greatly missed.
With love.
Kate Oaten Xx"
Kate Oaten
21st Jan 2022

"I was so fortunate to meet Mee Yoke in 2011 when our babies Angus and Willow were born and we were placed in the same Mothers Group. Plenty of laughs, shared meals and beautiful celebrations with family have been had. We will miss our friend so much and will be available to Willow and Bernard whenever they need us Xx"
Kirsten Orchard
21st Jan 2022

"I was so fortunate to have Mee Yoke as my GP for 5 years, she was so kind, compassionate, and professional. I am heartbroken by this sad news. I cannot believe that I won't see you again at the surgery. I'll miss you. My thoughts are with your family."
Tanya Vale
21st Jan 2022

"The first time I met Mee Yoke, we were total strangers to each other at a group dinner & we both couldn’t decide so she said, “you wanna share?” So we shared pasta & became friends. And for the last couple of years, she was also our family GP. The last couple of times I saw her, we always ended with “ok, we have to catch up for real over lunch or coffee”. I’m so sad to know that we can’t do that anymore and that I won’t be able to see her beautiful smile and hear her bubbly laughter. Mee Yoke was such a warm & caring person & ever the professional & caring GP. She would do e-scripts for me on a weekend or last minute, and was always so lovely to me despite my disorganisation! And that’s the warmth and caring that everyone has written about and will miss. My deepest condolences to Bernie, Willow and her extended family. My thoughts are with you."
Michelle Toratani
21st Jan 2022

"Dear Bernie, Willow & Ling Family,
We will be thinking of you on Saturday.
Reading all the beautiful message here shows what an amazing woman Mee Yoke was and how many lives she bought happiness, light and love to.
Sending love and please know that you are in our thoughts.
Denise & Paul"
Denise Anderson
21st Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow and Mee Ching, John, Daphne, Ming, Chen Poh, and all your family's children too! The sudden news that Mee Yoke had left us all and gone to Heaven left me speechless! My words cannot comfort you, especially Bernard and young Willow, only Jesus can love comfort encourage you day and night. Jesus was there to welcome her entrance into Eternal Life with Him. This is Paradise to be with Jesus for all Eternity. To me, Mee Yoke is the essence of sweetness, knowing her for the past 40 years, she greeted me with love warmth and sweetness, whether in her family home or in Church. The last time I met Mee Yoke is significant to me. I was a patient in the Arkaba Medical Centre, waiting to be called. Mee Yoke came into this same Waiting Room to greet her patient. Upon seeing me, she smiled, instantly came across to me saying, “Hallo Auntie Merrilyn how nice to see you! Are you well?”
Mee Yoke a bundle of kindness, sweetness and genuine care. Agape Auntie Merrilyn"
Merrilyn Teague
20th Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolence to Bernard, Willow, the Chong family and the Ling family,
Judy and the Ngei family."
Judy Ngei
20th Jan 2022

"Darling Mee Yoke, why did you have to leave so soon? I am missing you so much my dear friend. I loved our girly lunches, always Chinese, always full of fun and laughter to share.
As it was your turn to leave, I hope that you are resting in peace, but letting your bubbling laughter out every now and then! You will be missed on many levels.
Fondest love Jilly x"
Jill Argent OAM
20th Jan 2022

"So sorry for your loss Bernard, Willow and families. Mee Yoke was very special to many people, as she was to us. Feel like the short time we knew her, we became wonderful friends. Mee Yoke always had such wonderful advice, was a person who made us feel completely welcome and we loved spending time with you all. Mee Yoke will be sadly missed and thought of often, especially before every meal. My camera will always eat first. Much love to you all."
Natasha, Darren and Samiya Kefford
20th Jan 2022

"We were so terribly sorry to hear of Mee Yoke's sudden passing and send our love and deepest condolences to all who loved her, but especially Bernard and Willow and your extended families. She will be incredibly missed - what a friendly, bubbly, lovely, welcoming and kind lady she was. We will always remember her with great affection. With love from England - Jen, Mio and Sandra xxx"
Jen, Sandra and Mio Okubo-Kelly
19th Jan 2022

"Our hearts are broken to lose our dear Moke. But we are also so grateful for having known and been loved by such a wonderful, dear friend and her Bernard, Willow and the Chong and Ling families. We will forever miss you and that beautiful smile Mokee, thank you for your amazing friendship and positivity. Bernard and Willow, we may be far geographically but we are near in spirit and via tech……love you both and will chat again soon. Sincere condolences from all of us xxxxxxx Melanie, Holger and our Families xxxxxxx"
Melanie, Holger, Eloise and Claudia
19th Jan 2022

"Out deepest sympathies to the families. Thank you so much for the care you gave to us and you will be missed greatly as a doctor."
Roger & Sook Wan
19th Jan 2022

"My heart is filled with sadness, as you were and will always be such an amazing inspiration to our community here at Saints Girls. My memories are filled with grace, compassion, smiles and laughter and the fun times we have shared. We will miss you terribly but your spirit will always be with us. Sending my love and deepest condolences to Bernard and Willow."
Melissa Westgate
18th Jan 2022

"Dearest Moke, we are so lucky to have you as our friend. Thank you for looking after us when we came to Adelaide, and you were always just a phone call away when we needed support. We will always remember your radiant smile and our fun food adventures. Thank you for everything. We miss you dearly.
Love, Geoffrey, Louise, Amelia and Lucas"
Louise Yiu
18th Jan 2022

"Thank you Mee Yoke for being our GP and friend for 10 years. We were so fortunate to have you in our lives throughout the tough times, fun times and those nutty times. Your compassion, thoughtfulness and care was unmatched and that's why we had you on speed dial.
Mee Yoke, you lifted our spirits, made us smile, always gave us a cuddle and cared deeply for our family. We will be forever grateful to you and we miss you every day. Mee Yoke, please don't worry about us; we promise to not let you down.
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Bernard and Willow.
Forever in our hearts 💕
Lots of love Shane, Marcia and Taylor xxx"
Shane, Marcia and Taylor Pumpa
18th Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke, our hearts are filled with sadness and tears, but our memories are filled with smiles and laughter of the good times we shared over the years. We miss you terribly. Sending our love and deepest condolences to Bernard and Willow. Love from Maggie Li, Guanye Qu and Bonnie Qu."
Maggie Li
18th Jan 2022

"I am so heartbroken to hear this sad news. Dr Mee Yoke took wonderful care of my son during some of his darkest times… she will be missed greatly as a Dr as she went above and beyond … wonderful hope to see you again in the new world Acts 24:15 Rest In Peace ❤️💔 condolences to the families"
Jennifer Rubbo
18th Jan 2022

""Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow, the Ling and Chong families. Forever in our prayers.”
We will miss that cheerful bright smile we all remember since the day we met you Mee Yoke.
Marissa and Valencia Capobianco"
Marissa Capobianco
18th Jan 2022

"Dearest Bernard, Willow and Chong and Ling Families, our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Mee Yoke, such a treasured, loved and admired friend to us. I will always remember her kind and compassionate manner, the way she went above and beyond to make people feel comfortable and welcome, and her incredible warmth and sense of humour. Moke, we will miss you forever xx love always, Chien-Li, Mark and Livvy"
Chien-Li Holmes-Liew
17th Jan 2022

"Mokee lived each day with passion, joy and care. I’m so grateful we had the chance to grow up together almost like family. And that my last memories of you are of our zoom call seeing your happiness and joy in the company of your family, watching Willow play games with her cousins. We will miss you terribly. Our thoughts and love go to Bernard, Willow and the Ling family. Love Lil, Richard, Mia, Issy and Chloe."
Lilian Fong
17th Jan 2022

"Dear Mee Yoke, such sad sad news to receive. Still cannot believe I will not see your lovely smiling face at the surgery.
Thank you for all the great care you gave to me. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you as a patient. You were inspirational. You were one of a kind x
Patricia Moorfield"
Patricia Moorfield
17th Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow and the Chong and Ling families. Mee Yoke was a warm and loving person who brought joy and laughter to the world. I will always remember your avowed preference of hamburgers over vegetables. Rest in God's love.
Ern & Leanne"
Ern & Leanne Koh
17th Jan 2022

"To the Chong and Ling Family.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to you.
Mee Yoke was a gentle and kind person, always willing to lend a listening ear.
Her understated demeanor, compassion for others and her steadfast love for Christ will always be remembered.

Daryl & Karin Chan"
17th Jan 2022

"Over many years of professional care and attention to my family Mee Yoke became a trusted friend who exhibited such intelligence and compassion that we all felt that we were in the safest of hands. We will miss her and extend our sympathy to her family. From the Cooper family"
Jennie Cooper
17th Jan 2022

"Our hearts are broken Moke and we miss you terribly. We will cherish the many occasions we shared together including from our last trip to Adelaide, a picnic lunch under the palm trees at the Seppeltsfield Barossa. You always welcomed us into your home and for this we are forever grateful.
On December 11 you wrote to thank me for our friendship and that you looked forward to celebrating together soon. I am heart broken that we can't do this together now.
We love you our beautiful Moke. We will treasure our time together and will always remember your smiling face, jovial laughter, warm embrace and incredible generosity.
Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow, Ling and Chong families during this very sad time.
Love always Edmond, Yin, Caitlin and Alicia Louey"
Yin Chen
16th Jan 2022

"Moke, it is heart-breaking to lose you. Your warmth, positivity, generosity and devotion to family/friends have inspired all of us. Memories of you and all the happy times we have shared, on outings, at dinners and hard at work for the ACMAV, will be cherished. Our deepest condolences, and love, to Bernard, Willow and your extended family. Jun, Adrian, Ethan, Lachlan and Rohan Mar"
Jun Yang
15th Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke was always ready to help and her enthusiastic, generous and cheerful spirit will be greatly missed.
Our condolences, thoughts and prayers for Bernard, Willow and the family."
Earl, Karen, Caitlyn, Caleb and Connor Lam
15th Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow and your family and to all who knew Mee Yoke. She was the dearest of friends and had the kindest of hearts. She was fun to be with, always cheerful. She was generous with her time and always happy to help others. She was a fantastic teacher. We will always remember her."
Khimseng Tew, Khiet Chung and our families
15th Jan 2022

"My deepest consolences to you Bernard, Willow, and your families. May comfort and strength abound in God the Father of compassion, the God of all comfort, through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ.
"Brothers and sisters, we do not ... grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in death in Him. According to the Lord’s word ...[in] the coming of the Lord ... the Lord Himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever."
[extracted from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17]
May God, the source of hope, fill you with peace in believing, so that you also abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Cousin Pauline Tan
14th Jan 2022

"Thank you Mee Yoke for being the listening ear when I needed it, the love and heart when I couldn’t show it myself and the reassuring voice when I questioned myself. I wish you know the ways you changed my life. I hope you know how appreciated you are as a person and as a doctor. I will miss seeing your smiling face. All my love to your family xx"
14th Jan 2022

"Thank you to Dr Mee Yoke Ling for her many years of outstanding professional medical care for which I am forever grateful. A truly talented, kind and extraordinarily giving person. My thoughts are with Mee Yoke and her family at this time."
Anna Bryant
14th Jan 2022

"Mei Yoke was an amazing soul. She was a smash at badminton when we used to play together in our youth. Her bubbly personality was infectious.
With a heavy heart I would like to extend my sincerest and heartfelt condolences to Bernard, Willow and their extended family. Forever cherished in life as well in death. Rest in peace my dear Mei Yoke."
Agnes Cheah
14th Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke was a dear friend, wonderful colleague, amazing GP, teacher and a very special person. The world seems poorer without you. My heartfelt condolences to Bernard, Willow and Mee Yoke’s family.
Professor Jan Coles"
Jan Coles
14th Jan 2022

"The memories of Mee Yoke from a 6 yr old little girl when we first met to a loving mother will always be in our heart. Our condolences to Bernard and Willow."
Paul, Lily Chan, Sydney
13th Jan 2022

"No words can describe how sorry we are to have lost beautiful Mee Yoke. Our heartfelt condolences to Ling and Chong families. Stay strong & take care."
June Ong & Simon
13th Jan 2022

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of your beloved wife, Mee Yoke. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and your family. She will be deeply missed but never forgotten. We pray that God will strengthen and comfort you and your family at this difficult time.
May God bless you and family always.
Cheng Family"
13th Jan 2022

"Such an intelligent, generous, caring, loving and bubbly friend and colleague. Mee Yoke, you will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow and all the family. With love"
Anita, Steven, Elliot and Phoebe Koh
13th Jan 2022

"Our heartfelt condolences to Bernard and Willow, and to the Chong & Ling families.
Rest In Peace dear Mee Yoke."
Cathy & Ian
13th Jan 2022

"Moke, you were gone too soon. You were a great friend: generous, fun-loving, a lover of life, and you were great organising catch ups with your friends and family- usually around food! We will miss you.
Lisa Koo, Paul, Amalie and Greta Leditschke"
Lisa Koo
13th Jan 2022

"Our darling friend and precious Aunty Mokey you and your family brought so much love into our lives. We will always remember your serene smile, your generous spirit, kindness and pure heart. You were always there to celebrate our happiest moments and to console us and share your wisdom in challenging times. We loved you so much darling Moke and we always will. As a wonderful wife, adoring mother, faithful friend and amazing doctor you touched so many lives with your unconditional love for the people around you. Your precious ones, dearest Bernard, Willow and the Ling and Chong families are constantly in our hearts and thoughts as we say farewell to you our darling Moke. We are always here to help in any way we can to support your precious family. Rest in peace darling Mokey. Love always Srimal and Dylan💕"
Srimal and Dylan
13th Jan 2022

"Dear Bernard and Willow, we are so devastated for your loss and send you so many hugs that we won’t be able to give you on Saturday. We remember Moke for being loving, kind and generous. We will miss her sense of humour and her infectious laugh, her love of food, movies and good company. She is missed so much because she was so loved."
Karen Koh and David Miller
13th Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow and the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very sad time. Mee Yoke will be greatly missed. Much love, Doreen and James"
Doreen Lai
13th Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow and family . Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time ."
Mark Tie, Bogda Koczwara , Eric and Henry Tie
13th Jan 2022

"Missing dear Mee Yoke, one of the most warm and caring souls.
Deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow, Ling and Chong families.
Michelle, Matthew and Esme"
Michelle Mok
13th Jan 2022

"Our hearts and thoughts are with you, Bernard and Willow. We will remember Moke’s smiles, laughter and her caring nature forever. May God strengthen and comfort you during this time.
Love, Ed, Ev, Yanni and Zac"
Evelyn, Ed, Yanni and Zachary
13th Jan 2022

"We remember Mee Yoke as a caring, loving person with a big heart, available to anyone in need, willing to walk the extra mile if needed. She was generous with her time & possessions, preferring to be the giver rather than the taker. These attributes were displayed both in her personal & professional life.
To Bernard & Willow, may the Lord be your strength & shield.
To the extended family, may the Lord's peace abide with you at all times."
Irene & Lok Fung
13th Jan 2022

"Our deepest condolences to Bernard, Willow, the Ling and Chong families. Forever in our prayers and hearts"
Bernard and Mag Goh
13th Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke will be missed by many. The giving nature and happy smiles and willingness to give and charitable heart will be remembered. Our thoughts are with Bernard, Willow and the family.
With deepest condolences,
Evelyn Yap, Alex,Sacha and Sabrina Hanin"
Evelyn Yap
13th Jan 2022

"Such a beautiful spirit, a loving mother and wife, a caring friend and dedicated and passionate doctor. Always smiling and generous with her encouragement of others.
Dear Mee Yoke, you are dearly missed.
Sending our love and deepest sympathy to Bernard, Willow, the Chong and Ling families.
With love from Tim, Yuen, Naomi and Joshua Ooi"
Tim, Yuen, Naomi and Joshua Ooi
13th Jan 2022

"Sending our deepest condolences to you Bernard, Willow and your families. Will keep you in our prayers."
Geraldine and Calvin
13th Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke is forever in our hearts and forever with the Lord.
John 11:25 - 26, Revelation 21:3-7

Sending our deepest condolences, love & prayers to Bernard and Willow, the Chong & Ling families."
Lye Kheng & Chong Hua Yap
13th Jan 2022

"It is hard to imagine this world without a beautiful soul like dear sweet Mee Yoke, ever-smiling, ever-kind. Her life on earth was always lived to the fullest, bringing the joy and aroma of Christ to all she came across. Now, you are in the full and glorious presence and rest of our Lord. Till we meet again in our heavenly home."
Lesley & Oliver Yeo
13th Jan 2022

"Mee Yoke we will miss your beautiful warm friendly face at school pick up, was a joy to meet you and wish we had more time to know you. You are a generous and bright soul .We will always be here to help Bernard and Willow in any way we can. Love from Gabrielle Hart, Hamish Philpott and Sophie Philpott"
Gabrielle Hart
12th Jan 2022

"Our dear Mee yoke - you were the very heart of our friendship group - the first to reach out to us neewbies, the ultimate organiser of us all! - because you valued the importance of us all getting together, to chat, to experience new things and to enjoy life together.

Though you can no longer be here with us and your phone no longer gets to eat first - you will always be there with us in spirit and in our memories as we will be thinking of you and missing you always.

Your passing has ripped a hole through us all but we will always cherish your life and what beautiful times we got to spend with you in the short time we were blessed to be given.... just wish it were many years longer.

Love you Mokee - miss you awfully - please know that we promise to step in wherever we can to be there for your beloved Bernard and Willow."
Carla Valmorbida
12th Jan 2022

"Dr Mee Yoke, thank you for saving me and for all your care. My heart is broken and my safety is gone with you but your legacy lives on. I'll make you proud. Emma"
Emma Greenhalgh
12th Jan 2022